New Iggy Pop DVD

Last week, I visited a local record store and discovered an all-new Iggy Pop DVD that features THE SONG.

LIVE AT AVENUE B is a live concert video DVD of a 1999 concert in Brussels. The quality is quite excellent in all aspects- video production, sound fidelity, and performance from the man himself. There’s […]

Even More on Good ol’ Chet Helms…

I received nice little email about the upcoming Chet Helms tribute in San Francisco:

I notice it has been a couple weeks since you mentioned Chet on your blog (not even yet this month?) so I’ve attached a press release for the upcoming Chet Helms Memorial Auction. I’m working with the SF non-profit organization, […]

Vandals (the non-musical kind)

Last weekend, my car was broken into, right in front of my home. My CD-MP3 player was yanked out of the dashboard, a case of 30+ CDs were swiped, my hands-free cell phone headset was hijacked, my trunk latch was crushed, and I think the vandals made off with my audio-video utility bag, featuring about […]

LOUIE documentary update

Last week, I had an opportunity to interview Stanford University Professor Larry Lessig for the LOUIE documentary. As this documentary deals with certain matters of the music publishing industry, I thought it’d be interesting to have some comments from one of the founders of the Creative Commons principle. I’ve enjoyed reading Professor Lessig’s articles […]

Follow-up on Revere & Raiders Naughty Bits

A few weeks ago, someone asked if there were naughty bits in the version of LOUIE by Paul Revere & the Raiders.

I just took a look at the liner notes of The Essential Ride ’63-’67.

Here is a direct quotation of Mark Lindsay, original lead singer for Paul Revere & the Raiders.


A Berkeley LOUIE event I missed in 1998

Even with a webpage, various write-ups in international newspapers, and a prominent acknowledgement in a book by Dave Marsh, I still can’t find out about all things connected to LOUIE LOUIE untill they’re over.

Here’s something that happened in my “backyard,” 7 years ago, about 50 miles from my home office.

Some Louie trivia […]

LOUIEs from Gulcher Records

A few weeks ago, I did a little mention about a version of the SONG by the artist known as Angel Corpus Christi. I hadn’t actually heard it yet, but I dropped a line to the folks at Gulcher Records to let ’em know that I mentioned it at the blog, and find out […]

Update on the House of Animals – 2005

Back in my youth, National Lampoon was one of the most subversive humor magazines I’d ever seen. I loved MAD magazine, but National Lampoon dug deeper with a no-holds barred approach, creating acidic parody that wasn’t afraid to utilize strong language or female nudity. As a pimple-faced adolescent with runaway hormones, this was the […]

RIP: Kerry Magness

I just got word from Kan-Do, rock ‘n roll road manager for the Kingsmen that bassist Kerry Magnness has died. Here’s what he sent me, recycled from his friend Steve Lalor:

I thought you would like to know. Another gifted musician/producer has gone. We just learned that Kerry Magness died April 22, 2004. He […]

The Challenges of Music in a Low Budget Documentary

When am I going to finish that darned LOUIE LOUIE documentary?

That’s a question I get asked all the time. I wish I could provide a concise answer. It’s a complicated situation, to say the least. Clearances are a major part of the hurdle. I just found a great article about other filmmakers that […]