New Iggy Pop DVD

Last week, I visited a local record store and discovered an all-new Iggy Pop DVD that features THE SONG.

LIVE AT AVENUE B is a live concert video DVD of a 1999 concert in Brussels. The quality is quite excellent in all aspects- video production, sound fidelity, and performance from the man himself. There’s great footage of Iggy jumping around as Iggy does, with lots of shots of the crowd absolutely lovin’ every minute of it.

This version of LOUIE is one that could be considered an “F.B.I. variation.” It’s not the original lyrics as written by Richard Berry, but more like the interpreted lyrics that the F.B.I. documented in their infamous investigation of the Kingsmen back in the 196o’s. It’s not for young impressionable minds, or folks that are easily offended. It’s Iggy Pop music.

I would encourage everyone to support their local record stores, as they are truly endangered businesses in the 21st century. Nonetheless, if it’s impossible to do such a thing, you can always buy this DVD at CD Universe or Amazon, which are both supposed to provide me with some kind of commission for every sale I send their way.

This is not the first Iggy Pop DVD to feature a version of LOUIE LOUIE. About a year and a half ago, I picked up a European import DVD entitled “JESUS?.. THIS IS IGGY POP,” which re-packaged a French documentary for the DVD market. The version of LOUIE on that particular DVD was along the lines of the “American Caesar” variation with some added social-political commentary. There’s also a DVD entitled “Iggy in Paris” which features a concert video originally released under the title of “Kiss My Blood.”

Great stuff…..

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