Vandals (the non-musical kind)

Last weekend, my car was broken into, right in front of my home. My CD-MP3 player was yanked out of the dashboard, a case of 30+ CDs were swiped, my hands-free cell phone headset was hijacked, my trunk latch was crushed, and I think the vandals made off with my audio-video utility bag, featuring about $300-400 worth of cables and electrical connnectors. I try not to get too bent out of shape when this sort of thing happens, but it is still an absolute violation of personal space. There are some things my insurance policy will cover, but unfortunately, so much of it is simply not recoverable. As I’m about ready to embark on a small 4-day roadtrip as a production coordinator for a television program, I’ll have to resort to bringing along a little boombox so I can hear some music while I drive hundreds of miles to the different locations. Unfortunately, my little boombox does a terrible job of playing CDs consistently when I drive on bumpy roads, but luckily, it also has a cassette deck, so I can play some of my old tapes.

As I deal with such nuisances of life, I have to remind myself that such things merely add to the fabric of adventure….

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