The Challenges of Music in a Low Budget Documentary

When am I going to finish that darned LOUIE LOUIE documentary?

That’s a question I get asked all the time. I wish I could provide a concise answer. It’s a complicated situation, to say the least. Clearances are a major part of the hurdle. I just found a great article about other filmmakers that faced similar problems in that particular department, thanks to the Larry Lessig blog.

Someone produced a documentary titled “Mad Hot Ballroom” which told the story of New York public school kids in a citywide ballroom dancing competition. A lot of music was used in this film. The one thing that really surprised me was that the folks that administrate the music of C+C Music Factory demanded a $5,000.00 license for someone to use the phrase “Everybody dance now!” Just one phrase- no recorded music by the band. Just three words.


Read all about it at the StayFree blog .

1 comment to The Challenges of Music in a Low Budget Documentary

  • If I had the power, the money, and the know-how, I’d help you get this puppy finished and out.

    Until then, I hope to have a front row seat to the premier one day.

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