Follow-up on Revere & Raiders Naughty Bits

A few weeks ago, someone asked if there were naughty bits in the version of LOUIE by Paul Revere & the Raiders.

I just took a look at the liner notes of The Essential Ride ’63-’67.

Here is a direct quotation of Mark Lindsay, original lead singer for Paul Revere & the Raiders.

There’s a place in the guitar solo where I say ‘Do she f**k? That psyches me up!’ On stage we used to do singing intro ‘DOO DOO DOO (let’s f**k), DOO DOO, DOO DOO DOO (let’s f**k) DOO DOO.’ By the way, I want the patent on ‘stomp and shout and work it on out’ because that was mine!

There you have it, folks, direct from the horses’ wha-cha-ma-callit.

For more info on Paul Revere and the Raiders, go here.

For more info on Mark Lindsay, go here.

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