LLAMAS – LOUIE LOUIE Advocacy and Music Appreciation Society

The LOUIE LOUIE Advocacy and Music Appreciation Society (LLAMAS) was formed in early 2007 by a group of musicians, fans and collectors with a particular (and in some cases obsessive) interest in the song LOUIE LOUIE.

The mission of LLAMAS is to:

  • Foster awareness of the unique role that the song LOUIE LOUIE has played in the history of popular music;

  • Promote an ongoing appreciation and popularity of LOUIE LOUIE; and

  • Encourage musical education and a broader appreciation of music through the amazing variety and creativity that has been demonstrated in the many, many different versions of LOUIE LOUIE; in almost every musical style imaginable.

There are a number of activities and events that LLAMAS and its members participate in as part of carrying out the LLAMAS mission. These include:

1. Promoting the observance of International LOUIE LOUIE Day each year on April 11.

2. Pushing to get Louie Louie recognized by Guinness World Records as the song that has been covered more than any other. The good folks at Guinness currently recognize “Yesterday” by the Beatles as having that honor, but we have documented enough versions of LOUIE LOUIE to demonstrate that it should hold the record.

3. Supporting other efforts to set records or create other noteworthy events involving LOUIE LOUIE – such as the LouieFest / 1000 Guitars event that has attempted to set a world record by having over 1000 guitarists simultaneously playing LOUIE LOUIE.

4. Encouraging artists to record and make available new versions of LOUIE LOUIE.

5. Educating the public the unique history of LOUIE LOUIE, and supporting other initiatives aimed at telling the LOUIE LOUIE story – such as the forthcoming documentary film, “The Meaning of Louie.”

6. Advocating for official recognition of LOUIE LOUIE, such as a street name or even revitalizing the effort to have LOUIE LOUIE declared the official state song of Washington.

7. Anything else that we think of.

More details can be found on the mirror LLAMAS webpage.

Why not start your own local division of LLAMAS? It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s FREE!

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