A Berkeley LOUIE event I missed in 1998

Even with a webpage, various write-ups in international newspapers, and a prominent acknowledgement in a book by Dave Marsh, I still can’t find out about all things connected to LOUIE LOUIE untill they’re over.

Here’s something that happened in my “backyard,” 7 years ago, about 50 miles from my home office.

Some Louie trivia that you should know about:

I organized what might have been one of the biggest versions of Louie, Louie in Berkeley, CA in the summer of 1998. I put together a music festival all over downtown with about 250 musicians playing simultaneously all over downtown (The downtown Berkeley Music Circus) – including in fast food joints, the elevator of Ross Dress for Less, Walgreens, Eddie Bauer, balconies, in cars, sidewalks, etc. All performers were instructed to carry a radio, and to turn to KPFA, 94.1 at exactly 2:00. I was in the radio station with a rhythm section, and counted off Louie, Louie with the rhythm section playing on the radio. The idea was for everyone to play it at the same time all over downtown using the radio as the conductor. Many musicians told me it was very successful.


Randy Porter

This is a brilliant idea. I’m annoyed that I didn’t know about this when it happened, as I would have loved to have videotaped this event.

Perhaps history should repeat itself. 2003 was the year political flash mobs came into vogue. Maybe the time is right for a massive “LOUIE LOUIE mob” all over the world? I’m partial to kazoos and banjos, but you can play LOUIE LOUIE with pretty much ANY musical instrument….

Volunteers, anyone?

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