LOUIE documentary update

Last week, I had an opportunity to interview Stanford University Professor Larry Lessig for the LOUIE documentary. As this documentary deals with certain matters of the music publishing industry, I thought it’d be interesting to have some comments from one of the founders of the Creative Commons principle. I’ve enjoyed reading Professor Lessig’s articles in WIRED, as well as his book Free Culture. Thankfully, I can now add his name to my list of participants for this project.

Back in April, before I got around to launching this new LOUIE blog, I had an opportunity to interview Ned Sublette. Ned is an expert on Cuban music, and the author of a book entitled “Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo.” Ned makes the point that Cuban music was one of the essential building blocks for this musical genre we call rock and roll. Needless to say, his specific comments on LOUIE provided some high-octane commmentary for this documentary of mine.

Thank you, gentlemen for your fine insights. With any luck, I hope to finish this documentary in the near future, and share your words to an even larger audience.

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