Even More on Good ol’ Chet Helms…

I received nice little email about the upcoming Chet Helms tribute in San Francisco:

I notice it has been a couple weeks since you mentioned Chet on your blog (not even yet this month?) so I’ve attached a press release for the upcoming Chet Helms Memorial Auction. I’m working with the SF non-profit organization, Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.), collecting all sorts of music memorabilia, music items and etc. It’s all coming together at the last minute to coincide with next week’s benefit concert at GAMH. If you are able to help spread the word, we’d very much appreciate it. Please see the attached press release for details or check the auction homepage

Yup, this is a great cause that I will be very happy to promote. Chet Helms was a great guy, and I’m very happy to see this kind of support for his legacy. My friend Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R. is doing a great job of organizing the memorial auction, just as she for Spencer Dryden when he was struggling with lot of health and financial problems. There’s going to be a LOT of incredible stuff auctioned off, including some artwork by Grace Slick, Jerry Garcia, Wavy Gravy, Carlos Santana, and JANIS JOPLIN! I did not even know Janis Joplin DID artwork!!

Anyways, do check out this auction, as there will some amazing items. I could mention the big concert on July 29th at the Great American Music Hall, featuring lof big names, but it’s already sold out, and I don’t want folks to get too excited. By all means, plese check out the H.E.A.R. Chet Helms Memorial Auction website for more information about this event.

The good news is this event will be videotaped for posterity, and the OCTALOUIE team has been asked to do the deed. My LOUIE LOUIE co-producer Jesse Block will be directing the video production, and I will be doing some camerawork, along our pals James MacLeod, Karl Anderson, Dwight Dolliver, and Eric Lagerloff.

Of course, I should take this opportunity to remind folks that if they have ANY Chet Helms footage on video or film, please send an email to James MacLeod via chet-video @ rantical.com. You can also call (650) 355-3276 anytime- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eric Predoehl

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