Sorry-OK-Yes = LOUIE of the Week

This week, we acknowledge Sorry-OK-Yes, a band from Tuscany, Italy that wins the LOUIE of the Week award. Here’s a little history of the band, courtesy of their official MySpace page: “Let me introduce you to one of the most exciting... Read more →

RIP: Mark Lindsay’s Rock & Roll Cafe

Less than one year after Mark Lindsay‘s Rock & Roll Cafe opened, it closed down. Here’s the official word from the official website, posted May 12, 2008: Dear Wonderful Customers, Sadly, we must reluctantly announce the closure... Read more →

Two LOUIE theatrical productions in NY?? WOW!

There’s not one, but TWO theatrical productions focusing on LOUIE LOUIE coming up real soon…. FIRST.. Stomp and Shout (an’ Work it All out) By James Carmichael, directed by Geordie Broadwater opening Sunday, June 1, 2008 Upstairs... Read more →

Trashman, Neanderthals, Ray Datona- LOUIE of week

The Trashman, The Neanderthals, and Ray Daytona were caught doing LOUIE LOUIE in Italy. I don’t know if The Trashman is the same as the Trashmen from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the group that was known for doing “Surfing Bird,”... Read more →

Meet Bill Haley’s Original Comets

A few years ago, I produced an EPK (electronic press kit) for Bill Haley‘s Original Comets. Some fifty years after these guys recorded one of the most influential rock and songs – “Rock Around the Clock,” these guys... Read more →

Til There Was Loo ?

I stumbled upon an amazing impersonator by the name of Stevie Riks on YouTube. As this is a website that celebrates “all things LOUIE,” I figured I might have a little fun sharing his interpretation of Paul McCartney doing “Tis... Read more →

Rain Kings – LOUIE of the Week

I’ll blame Phil Dirt for finding a rare 1965 recording of LOUIE LOUIE by a band from Dallas, Texas. This week’s LOUIE of the Week goes out to The Rain Kings. Here’s a little description from their webpage: If you go to... Read more →

RIP: Lance Monthly & No Depression magazine

Two great publications are calling it a day.. (UPDATE: Lance Monthly is back) After ten years of monthly internet postings, Dick Stewart, publisher of the Lance Monthly decided to cease operations. A supporter of the type of music that the... Read more →

A Tale of Two Pauls

Here’s a funny little mashing of two completely different public personalities. Here’s a frame shot of the official website for Paul Revere & the Raiders – Northwest rock and roll, video pioneers, and first successful... Read more →
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