Meet Bill Haley’s Original Comets

A few years ago, I produced an EPK (electronic press kit) for Bill Haley‘s Original Comets. Some fifty years after these guys recorded one of the most influential rock and songs – “Rock Around the Clock,” these guys are still at, playing music all over the world.

I was asked to post this video clip to YouTube, so here it is for the world to see…

If get any opportunity to see the Comets perform, run, do not walk to see them in concert. They are absolutely worth seeing. Marshall Lytle, Dick Richards and Joey Ambrose were there when Bill Haley made musical history, and they are still at the top of their game, delighting audiences all over the world. They outlasted many of their peers, and they ain’t goin’ to be around forever, you know?

If you want to see a really fun website, check Marshall Lytle’s “Crazy” page at There’s also a Comets MySpace page.

2 comments to Meet Bill Haley’s Original Comets

  • Drake

    Awesome post! These guys are really amazing — like the watch that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’, they just don’t stop. What an inspiration…

  • i have seen the original comets in branson and other cities thay are greaT,I feel young again when i see them ,also they are great guys .if you see them say hello for me they who i am lou and mary from phila.we hope to be out ther again in july, lou frattini

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