RIP: Mark Lindsay’s Rock & Roll Cafe

Mark Lindsay's Rock & Roll Cafe

Less than one year after Mark Lindsay‘s Rock & Roll Cafe opened, it closed down.

Here’s the official word from the official website, posted May 12, 2008:

Dear Wonderful Customers,

Sadly, we must reluctantly announce the closure of the Rock n’ Roll Café.

We have greatly appreciated your loyal support.

The Owners

More information about Mark Lindsay and his projects at
Mark Lindsay’s MySpace page

Wayne MacKinnon, who lives in Portland, shot some video of the cafe after the closing, and is sharing his footage via YouTube. The YouTube description provided some insight of why the venue closed down. Check it out:

3 comments to RIP: Mark Lindsay’s Rock & Roll Cafe

  • Well that was such a short note. Do you know why they had to close? Was it for financial reasons? That’s a shame. I think establishments like Mark Lindsay’s should be more popular than fast food joints like McDonals and Burger King.

  • Anne Marie

    Hello, Led Zeppelin. From what little I’ve been able to gather, the restaurant was being sued by multiple parties by for alleged Copyright Infringements. The cost of defense was, apparently, not worth it for a new eatery, which usually loses or breaks even for a couple of years. It may have been less about the cost in terms of money and more the cost in terms of time. I don’t live anywhere near it’s location or I would have been among the first customers. I wish Mark & Deb the best of luck as they carry on with other pursuits. Peace & Love to ALL.

  • Mark are you ever back in LA. I’m still friends with. Sandy Alamo and Sharon white. Where is Jamie. [email protected]. Be Well bob

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