Til There Was Loo ?

I stumbled upon an amazing impersonator by the name of Stevie Riks on YouTube.

As this is a website that celebrates “all things LOUIE,” I figured I might have a little fun sharing his interpretation of Paul McCartney doing “Tis There Was LOU (or LOO).” This is really silly stuff…

Truth be told, I think Stevie does a better job impersonating Ringo Starr, but he also does an uncanny version of John Lennon, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and lot of other famous rock stars.

The first I ever saw Stevie on YouTube, was a performance of “How Do You Sleep” doing his impersonation of John Lennon AND Paul McCartney.

I’m hoping he’ll do John Lennon singing “Cheese and Onions,” which would be such a hoot! According to what I’ve heard, a fan once asked Lennon what he thought of The Rutles, and he responded by singing “Cheese and Onions”…..

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