Rain Kings – LOUIE of the Week

The Rain Kings

I’ll blame Phil Dirt for finding a rare 1965 recording of LOUIE LOUIE by a band from Dallas, Texas. This week’s LOUIE of the Week goes out to The Rain Kings. Here’s a little description from their webpage:

If you go to see live music often, from time to time you will come across a kind of act that knows they’re bad, that emphasizes their deficiencies and makes their ineptness the center of the show.

The Rain Kings from Dallas were such a band. Luckily for us they lived in a time when rock music was by its very nature amateur and obnoxious. Despite their best efforts to muck it up, they still managed to create listenable music, at least, listenable to my ears.

You can download their version of LOUIE LOUIE by scrowling down to the bottom. Look for “Lewis Lewis.”


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