A Tale of Two Pauls

Here’s a funny little mashing of two completely different public personalities.

Here’s a frame shot of the official website for Paul Revere & the Raiders – Northwest rock and roll, video pioneers, and first successful rock and roll band for Columbia Records, the world’s largest record label of the 1960s.

Paul Revere & the Raiders - webpage

Now, here’s a frame shot of the webpage for Ron Paul’s Raiders. Ron Paul was the unsuccessful libertarian, independent-minded Republican candidate for the United States, and this organization was a grass-roots effort to get him elected.

Ron Paul's Raiders -the webpage

As you might have heard, Ron Paul didn’t win the Republican nomination, but he did inspire a lot of people with a very fresh outlook on American politics. I applaud the spirit of his candidacy that encouraged accountability in public service, and fiscal conservatism. With any luck, I hope such efforts will inspire a more responsible generation of politicians.

Paul Revere on the hand, continues to perform all year around. He’s a semi-regular at Branson, and also currently has gigs lined up at Las Vegas, Orlando, and Tunica.

More than just a mere entertainer, Paul also serves as on the board of directors of Ride To The Wall Foundation, a non-profit foundation that raises money for various veteran’s outreach programs.

So we’ve got two Pauls – an iconic entertainer that does outreach for veteran’s groups, and a politician that has inspired many folks to become political.

As far as I know, only one of these guys performed LOUIE LOUIE, but I could be wrong….

(thanks to Cindy Mulvey of H.E.A.L. for the heads up on this one)

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