Sorry-OK-Yes = LOUIE of the Week

This week, we acknowledge Sorry-OK-Yes, a band from Tuscany, Italy that wins the LOUIE of the Week award. Here’s a little history of the band, courtesy of their official MySpace page:

“Let me introduce you to one of the most exciting musician-trios at the moment. This bunch of young Italian fillies (not stallions yet) have created a sound, which you can’t and even don’t want to classify. You hear a lot of influences in it, without being able to give a name to this thrilling mixture of melodies and noises.But now let me give you some information that you’ll be able to assimilate. Two of the three young guys from Arezzo, Tuscany met because they were bored of playing football. The one already had a guitar and the other bought a drum kit and so they started to play garage rock and delta blues as a duo. For our alls luck, later on they met a talented younger kid, which completed their sound and helped to develope it into their own one. Be prepared to run to the next record store, as they’re about to release their first single “i just want to be a DJ” (A side) – “daddy says ok” (B side) on Liverpool based indie label WIT Records.”

Here’s their version of LOUIE LOUIE, shared with the world on YouTube:

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