FLASHBACK- Christopher Doll’s Unlikely History of Sixties Rock and Roll

I’m a bit swamped by various things going on right now, so I won’t be assemble a fresh blog post this week.

Instead, I’ll simply recycle and update a posting from the past for a “Flashback Friday”…

Three years ago, my friend Christopher Doll, of Rutgers University, gave a special presentation at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014.

Nuclear Holocaust, the Kennedy Assassination, and ‘Louie Louie’: The Unlikely History of Sixties Rock and Roll” was the full title of this very special presentation!

With any luck I hope to see even more acknowledgement of this song in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame!


Originally mentioned on this blog on March 17th, 2014.

Countdown to LOUIE LOUIE Day….

Six days from now, many of us shall be celebrating International LOUIE LOUIE Day! This year will mark the 60th anniversary of the song, which was conceived by Richard Berry in 1955 (Harmony Park Ballroom, Anaheim, CA), but “given birth” with the first unveiling of the song in April 1957, when Flip Records released it as the B-side of “You Are My Sunshine” 45 single.

April 11 is also Richard Berry‘s birthday, and he would have been 82 years old had he not passed away in 1997.

Tonight – April 5, WFMU begins the celebration of LOUIE with a “LOUIE LOUIE Palooza” on the Bodega Pop Live show with Gary Sullivan from 7pm (EDT) until 10pm. (4pm for those of us on West Coast Time / Midnight for our friends in the UK)

In advance of International Louie Louie Day, we honor the most recorded rock song of all time with three solid hours of covers from around the world.

Tune in by visiting the website at http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/71860

We’re still gathering information about celebrations on April 11, but we do know that our friends at Orme Radio in Italy are planning a show entitled “Louie Louie: The 2017 Addendum.”

It will be an 80 minute special on International LOUIE LOUIE Day – Tuesday, April 11 on 10:30pm Tuesday in Italy (Central European Time) which would be 2:30pm California-time / 5:30pm New York-time.

After the First Italian Louie Louie Marathon back in 2015, we celebrate once again the most faboulous tune ever with a special show! Join us next Tuesday for some new covers and special guests!! More to come, stay tuned.

More details at Ormeradio.it

For MORE INFORMATION about International LOUIE LOUIE Day, please visit LouieDay.org!!

.. as well as the LouieLouie.net comic strip story on International LOUIE LOUIE Day

… and if you are on Facebook, please join us at the the LOUIE LOUIE Party Facebook page !!

In Search of 1983 Tacoma Dome show footage!

I thought I’d throw out yet another public request as I continue my search for media coverage of the 1983 Tacoma Dome event that featured the only time Richard Berry ever appeared with the Fabulous Wailers.

The date was Wednesday, December 28, 1983, just a few months after KFJC Radio had their legendary 63 hour Maximum LOUIE LOUIE Marathon that broadcast over 800 unique versions of the song, and marked the very first time Richard Berry, author of the song, met Jack Ely, the original lead singer of the Kingsmen. The event was billed as “The Best of Louie Louie” and it took place after a soccer game between the Tacoma Stars and the Kansas City Comets. KISW-FM radio in conjunction with the Tacoma Stars produced this event. On the official poster for this event, the Wailers, the Kingsmen, Little Bill Engelhart, and Gail Harris were listed as the primary performers, but Richard Berry was added as a last-minute special guest.

I’ve got an interview with Richard Berry where it discusses what it was like to play at this event. Dennis Flannigan, who was the main organizer of this event, also shared his stories on that very special day.

Thousands of people attended this event. In addition to Richard Berry, Ron Holden was also a special guest that wasn’t listed on the poster. Ron was often credited with being one of the first musicians to perform this song in the Pacific Northwest, playing with the Playboys, then the Thunderbirds. Richard and Ron were old friends, and Peter Blecha wrote about meeting up with both of those guys backstage.

Video footage was shot at this event, but nobody I’ve talked to seems to know where it is. I still have yet to see any actual photographs. I was sent some Xeroxes of photos, but no actual photographs.

In fact, here’s one of those Xeroxes. It’s Richard and Ron. Richard’s wearing a KFJC t-shirt. I have no idea who took this photos, but i’d LOVE to contact the photographer, get a better copy, and see whatever other images exist from that special day.

If you have any leads on tracking down any media coverage of this event, please contact LOUIE at LouieLouie.net!!

Peter Blecha on Richard Berry (Northwest Music Archives)

LOUIE LOUIE Clubs/Stores of the World – part 3

Following up on part 1 and part 2, it’s time to return with part 3 of the big LOUIE LOUIE Club List, now expanded to include stores and defunct businesses that used the “LOUIE LOUIE” name for their business…

11. Louie Louie Record Shop (with Café) in Lisbon and Porto (Portugal)

A few days ago, I received this photo and message from our friends at Orme Radio….

Little postcard from Lisbon: one of the Orme Radio founders, Marco, is there for job shadowing and as suggested by Riccardo Lancioni – our radio marathon man – took this pic in front of the music shop called Louie Louie!
Hope you like it!
Cheers from Italy, too!

Lisbonrecordshops.com also provided a nice introduction to this LOUIE LOUIE business:

Originally a shop on Porto (the capital city of the North of Portugal), LOUIE LOUIE opened a branch in Lisbon (managed by Jorge Dias, one of the pioneers of the used records business in Lisbon), which is nowadays one of the most popular record stores in the city.

Right in the middle of downtown Lisbon, LOUIE LOUIE has a bit of everything for all tastes: CD and vinyl (and also DVDs), used and new, all genres. The new premises (open since June 2013) include a small coffee shop, which only enhances the welcoming feel and the friendly atmosphere of a great place to listen to and buy your favourite music.

photograph from Lisbonrecordshops.com


12. The Louie Louie Bar in Madrid, Spain

According to their official Facebook page, the Louie Louie Bar in Madrid is a cocktail bar, that specializes in Rock’n’Roll Anglo-Saxon music in its various variants.


13. Café Louie Louie at the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, CA

There is a Café Louie Louie at the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, California, serving children from grades 9-12.


14. Louie Louie’s Diner of Victoria BC, Canada

Louie Louie’s Diner of Victoria BC, Canada was a restaurant that existed for 16 years from April 1987 until March 2003.

I found about this place when proprietor George Acs contacted me after learning about the LOUIE documentary project. He wrote:

As you can see by my letterhead, I too, have somewhat of a special interest in LOUIE LOUIE, although I must admit the naming of my diner did not have its origins in the song, rather it was to be a rebirth of LOUIE’s Cafe, a diner my family owned during the late fifties. (LOUIE LOUIE being the second LOUIE ??)

However long before we opened the doors, people were associating the diner with the song and the good times and parties they so well remembered.

George also enclosed some nice momentoes from the diner, which you can see in this photograph.

Unfortunately, I never had a chance to visit George’s diner. Luckily,thanks to the power of the internet, I found George’s LinkedIn page, where I discovered a timeline for Louie Louie’s Diner, as well as details about what George has been up since he last wrote me. Thank you again, George!


15. Louie Louie Italian Bistro of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The Louie Louie Italian Bistro of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida was another restaurant that no longer exists.

The Breward-Palm Beach New Times gave it the “Best Pizza” award in 2004, calling it “perfection on a platter.”

Yelp reviewers gave it a 4-star average rating.

The Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive saved bits of their old louielouiebistro.com webpage.

Yelp on Louie Louie Italian Bistro
BrowardPalmBeach.com on Louie Louie Italian Bistro
Wayback Machine on Louie Louie Italian Bistro

Thanks again to our friend Clay Stabler for his extensive research in tracking down most of these organizations.

If you can think of any LOUIE LOUIE venues we might have missed, please let us know.

You can leave comments at this page, or by visiting the LOUIE LOUIE Party Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/68073899480/

LOUIE LOUIE Clubs of the World – part 2

Following up on the “Louie Louie Clubs of the World – part 1” post from last week, here’s the next chapter….

6. Louie Louie Burger Cafe in Kobe, Japan

Most of the information on this place is written in Japanese, but I did find an English language review by Adam Kloppenburg on their Facebook page: “Good, simple and cheap burgers, a great atmosphere and super welcoming and friendly owner, hidden under the tracks near Motomachi. Highly recommended.”

They also offer a really cool-looking LOUIE LOUIE t-shirt.
I haven’t figured out how to order one yet, but all in good time..


7. Louie Louie Pizzeria in Paris, France

The official description for this place is simply “Pizza, vin nature, cocktails, café.”

On Facebook, Elias Lapia called it “Best italian pizza in Paris.”

I do like their LOUIE pizza pie chart!


8. Louie Louie World Buffet Restaurant in Sunderland, UK

On the official Facebook page for this restaurant, the description is simply: “The biggest restaurant in North east. 200 seats buffet restaurant. World buffet. Including Chinese Indian Thai Japanese UK Italy.”


9. Louie Louie Seafood Market in York, Pennsylvania (USA)

On the official Facebook page for this restaurant, we have this description: “Louie Louie Seafood is a retail fish market serving the community of York, PA with fresh fish right from the ocean! Crabs, shellfish, whole fish and more!”

Mmmm… this does sound good!!!


10. Louie Louie Coffee Shop in Stockholm, Sweden

Louie Louie Coffee Shop in Stockholm provided this description “Louie Louie är ett café, en folkölsbar och en skivbutik på Bondegatan 13 i Stockholm med stor kärlek till mat och kaffe,” which Google Language Tools translated as “Louie Louie is a café, a (folk music bar) and a record store on Bond Street 13 in Stockholm with a great love for food and coffee.”

On their main webpage entitled “Louie Louie Sthlm” they has a subtitle of “Bon apétit scumbag,” which feels… a bit anti-social..??

Maybe it’s a language thing? Or it’s a cultural thing?…. just like we use the word “bad” in the USA to reference something that actually good? I just don’t know….

Whatever the case, they are definitely hip to LOUIE LOUIE consciousness, which we fully endorse, and hope to eventually visit this place (and all the other ones) in person sometime in the not-too-distant future!!


Again, my big thanks to my friend Clay Stabler for assembling this list.

In part 3, we’ll add more to this list, and perhaps acknowledge some LOUIE LOUIE establishments that no longer exist.

By all means, PLEASE let us know about any LOUIE LOUIE venues we might have missed.

You can leave comments at this page, or by visiting the LOUIE LOUIE Party Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/68073899480/

Louie Louie Clubs of the World – part 1

Here’s something fun… my friend Clay Stabler assembled a travel list of a whole bunch of LOUIE LOUIE Clubs scattered all over the world!

Here’s the first part of his list, expanded with my own notes and whatever descriptions that I could find..

1. Bar Louie Louie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Cool logo. South American fusion cuisine. Lots of photos on Yelp.” – Clay

This makes perfect sense, as the Netherlands was the place was the place where the very first LOUIE LOUIE webpage in the world was created by my friend Theo DeGrood.

The 10things global network has a nice little write-up on the club:

From the same people behind De Biertuin and Smokin Barrels, Louie Louie is an incredible hip hangout in Amsterdam East. Featuring a beautiful large patio as well as a slick bar, it’s the ideal spot for either lunch, dinner or evening drinks. Louie Louie’s menu has South American influences, offering tasty dishes and mouthwatering cocktails; try their Chunky Beef Taco or their Hibiscus Mojito – simply delicious. No doubt, Louie Louie’s vivid atmosphere and tempting food will make it your new favorite spot in Amsterdam.


2. Louie Louie Rock Bar in Estepona, Spain (Costa del Sol)

Near Marbella. Regular live music.- Clay

This place is definitely happening. Every time I browse YouTube listings for more variations, I see a ton of exciting performances for this club. It looks like a really lively place!


3. Louie Louie Café in London, UK

Here’s the official description:

Louie Louie is a cafe during the day with excellent coffee & homemade cakes plus all day brunch at the weekends.

In the evening Louie Louie transforms into a bar & restaurant. For four nights a week, Wednesday to Saturday, we hand over the apron to our brilliant “Chef In Residence” ODED OREN. Tel Aviv born and head chef at some of his hometown’s best seafood restaurants, Oded has been cooking in London since 2011, with his very own pop up last summer at East London hot spot Oval Space. His style includes strong influences from his native country with veg-based dishes + meats and seafood cooked over charcoal.

Also partnering up with us are cake makers extraordinaire STROMABAKES, supplying us daily with a variety of goodies, including plenty of gluten free, dairy free and vegan options to boot.

Music is always a key component, with live acoustic music and DJs playing through a bespoke high end HiFi system most evenings.


4. Louie Louie’s Piano Bar(s) in Texas

There are actually two Louie Louie’s Piano Bars in Texas. One in Lubbock and another in Dallas. On their webpage, it states… “Where strangers become friends” and “A night you’ll never forget… if only because your friends won’t let you!”

From the looks of it, music is the primary theme of this club, but it also available for various events – birthdays, bachelorettes, corporate events and private partiesS


5. Louie Louie Bar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

This looks like a fine Sports Bar + Restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

Love their taste in music!


We’ve got some more LOUIE LOUIE clubs to share, but we’ll save that for next week….

Feel free to suggest some other LOUIE LOUIE Clubs you know about…

You can leave comments at this page, or by visiting the LOUIE LOUIE Party Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/68073899480/

Today’s LOUIE comic strip – The Fusco Brothers!


Today in the daily funny papers, there was a mention of that very special song in The Fusco Brothers comic strip by J.C. Duffy.

Be sure to visit the official Fusco Brothers page at GoComics.com, where you can order the official Collectible Archive Quality Print!

Bookmark this page!

(with special thanks to David Richoux for being the FIRST one to send me this comic strip!)

RIP: Billy Miller of Norton Records / A-Bones (with a LOUIE relative of the Week)


In the midst of a week filled with rotten news, things were made even worse when we lost a kindred spirit…

Billy Miller was a true champion for the foot-stomping, hip-shaking, soulful roots music we call rock ‘n’ roll. Along with his beloved companion / partner Miriam Linna, they established an incredible legacy designed to honor, archive and celebrate in the grandest possible manner, the rich heritage of American garage rock music with their Norton Records label, Kicks magazine and their musical group, The A-Bones.

In the Norton comic book “Kicksville Confidential,” (illustrated by Avi Spivak) Billy shared his story about how they got started….


I really loved KICKS magazine – a fantastic hodgepodge of music reviews and historic overviews of forgotten oddball performers, all blended together with a healthy sampling of humor in the jugular vein.

Here’s a sample page from issue #3….


When Billy and Miriam shifted their focus from a music magazine to a record label, they created a wonderful showcase for some truly unforgettable entertainers…

“Norton’s got a six and a half foot Cyclops drag queen, a pair of singing Siamese twins, an Indian with a lung, at least three murderers, the nation’s number one art thief, the world’s first wheelchair confined bad guy wrestling manager, a hillbilly who sings about the joys of chicken, cheese and decapitation, at least three pimps, an elephant thief, a convicted pornographer, about a dozen guys that wears turbans for no apparent reason, one guy who claims to be from Saturn and another who claims to be from Mars, and we haven’t even gotten to Kim Fowley!” – Billy Miller, as quoted in interview with Ugly Things Magazine

..and their own band, The A-Bones, wasn’t too shabby either!!

The legacy of Billy and Miriam’s empire has been a great inspiration for us that love this kinda stuff!

(a cool photo of Billy & Miriam with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – a wild and crazy guy)

Four years ago, Hurricane Sandy destroyed a lot of the Norton Records inventory, but they were able to salvage what they could, and continue what they were doing, opening a retail shop earlier this year.

To celebrate the spirit of Billy, we’re sharing a special performance of him singing a “LOUIE relative” with a video clip of the A-Bones live at Otto’s Shrunken Head’s Tribute to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins on February 13, 2014. It’s a cover version of a Paul Revere & Raiders song written as a sequel to Richard Berry‘s timeless ditty.

Thank you Billy and Miriam!


Here’s some other tributes to Billy that you should know about…

NY Times – Billy Miller, Curator and Historian of Fringe Music, Dies at 62
White Trash Soul blog – Sadville… R.I.P. Billy Miller, Fuck You 2016…
Billboard – Billy Miller, Co-Founder of Norton Records, Dies at 62
Pitchfork – Norton Records Co-Founder Billy Miller Has Died
RecordsOnRepeat.com – Billy Miller, Co-Founder of Norton Records, Dies at 62

….and GO BUY some NORTON Records why don’t cha?

Please visit NortonRecords.com !!

P.S. if ANYONE has an extra copy of KICKS #5 they’d like to sell, please drop me a line, OK?

RIP: Buck Ormsby of Fabulous Wailers + Etiquette Records


Today, Saturday October 29th, I was saddened to learn that my friend Buck Ormsby died early this morning on his birthday.

Here’s the message I saw on Buck’s Facebook wall:

Thank you to everyone who is sending birthday wishes to my father. He died early this morning. As many of you know he was down in Mexico for alternative cancer treatment, though cancer was not the cause of death. It was an unfortunate accident. Please know that his last months have been transformative in so many ways, and he was in a special place. Please give us time to adjust to our new reality. We will post information regarding services as plans form. Thank you everyone for all of your love and support.

Buck has been a great ally for the LOUIE documentary project, providing multiple interviews over the years. In the Pacific Northwest, Buck was a genuine legend in the music community, performing with the Fabulous Wailers, creating one of the very first artist-owned record labels- Etiquette Records, and was directly responsible for discovering + producing the Sonics, one of the earliest bands to perform in the ragged style of rock music that would eventually be labeled as “pre-punk.”

Buck was one of the major architects within the LOUIE LOUIE universe, recording his friend Robin Roberts doing “that song” with the Wailers for the first record ever released by the newly-founded Etiquette Records in 1961. That particular recording, which used a very different arrangement than Richard Berry‘s original 1957 version, established an archetype that was followed closely by the Kingsmen, as well as Paul Revere & the Raiders, who both wound up with hit recordings of that song in 1963.


One of the earlier bands Buck ever joined was the Blue Notes, group of teenagers from Tacoma (Washington), featuring Buck’s good friend Bill Engelhart, who would eventually be given of the stage name as “Little Bill” of the band that would eventually be re-named as Little Bill and the Blue Notes. Early in their careers, Buck and Bill decided to visit the Puyallup Fair, where they found one of their high school classmates, Robin Roberts, singing rhythm and blues songs to a captivated crowd that was clearly enjoying this impromptu performance. It was at this point that both Buck and Bill thought Robin would be a perfect addition to The Blue Notes, and Robin soon became a full-fledged member of the band

For a couple of years, these three guys performed together (along with various other members) for what turned out to be one of the earliest rock bands ever created in Tacoma. Eventually, this collaboration drifted apart with Bill focusing his efforts as a solo artist, while Buck and Robin (now known as “Rockin Robin Roberts“) both teamed up with the Fabulous Wailers, who had just finished an east coast tour that included an appearance on Dick Clark‘s American Bandstand TV show.

Not long after Buck and Robin joined up with the Wailers, a recording was made of Robin singing LOUIE LOUIE with the band… and the rest was history, so to speak…


Here’s a photo I took of Buck with Kent Morrill, his musical partner with the Wailers and Etiquette Records, back when they visited KFJC Radio (Los Altos Hills, CA) in December 2001. As you may remember, KFJC was the place that produced the MAXIMUM LOUIE LOUIE marathon that played over 800 versions of the song for 63 hours.

When Buck and Kent did this radio appearance, they were in the middle of a road trip, and had driven down from Tacoma in a beautifully restored vintage Cadillac. They had just released their new album “Cadillac to Mexico,” and this was one of their stops.

As fate would have it, Bill returned to Mexico for what turned out to be his final roadtrip.

There’s so much more that could said about Buck, but we’ll save that for another time.

My thoughts are the family and friends of John Buck Ormsby.

Rest in peace, my friend.