Celebrating the music of Ronnie Spector

We lost Ronnie Spector, the leader of the girl group the Ronettes and the voice behind such immortal classics as “Be My Baby” and “Walking in the Rain.”

Another beautiful soul with an amazing voice taken away by awful cancer.

As I was reading bits and pieces about Ronnie’s life I found a quote that definitely caught my attention..

“…Ronnie Spector, whose vocal on ‘Be My Baby’ (Blaine’s greatest musical moment) is the singer’s equivalent of Lynn Easton’s drumming on “Louie Louie.

Dave Marsh (page 105 of the book “Louie Louie – The History And Mythology Of The World’S Most Famous Rock ‘N Roll Song; Including The Full Details Of Its Torture And Persecution At The Hands Of The Kingsmen, J. Edgar Hoover’S FBI, And A Cast Of Millions; And Introducing For The First Time Anywhere, The Actual Dirty Lyrics“)

(Disclosure: Dave is a friend and supporter of the LOUIE documentary project)

Here’s a cool clip of Ronnie singing “Be My Baby” with Grace Slick and Belinda Carlisle, accompanied by the late Clarence Clemons.

I knew about Ronnie Spector working with George Harrison with her Apple Records single “Try Some, Buy Some/Tandori Chicken,” but I had no idea he also wrote the song “You” for her which he wound up recording himself.

Here’s things from Ronnie’s official Twitter account…

Ronnie appreciated her fans… and shared a special birthday wish.

It was great that the Ronettes were inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame by Keith Richards in 2007

Less than a year ago, Ronnie acknowledged the loss of her former partner Phil Spector.

Ronnie’s final tweet featured a photo of her friend, the late David Bowie, celebrating his birthday before her death.

Rest in peace, Ronnie Spector.

We will never forget you.

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