The Call for Chet Helms video

OK, having written 3 entries in a row about Chet Helms, an unlikely topic for the LOUIE REPORT, I think I’ll go for the 4th and final entry .. at least for the month of June. After this, we’ll go back to the regularly scheduled program normally seen at the LOUIE REPORT.

My friend James […]

More on Chet…

I didn’t intend to post 3 Chet Helms entries in a row, but then I didn’t expect to see Chet kick the bucket so damned soon.

No more bumping into Chet at another art gallery opening in San Francisco. No more comparing computer notes at the yearly MacWorld expo. No more rock ‘n roll […]

Goodbye Chet Helms

I’m sorry to announce that Chet Helms lost his battle to stay alive.

The Father of the “Summer of Love” Chet Helms Dead From Stroke at 62

Born August 2nd, 1942 Died June 25th, 2005

San Francisco—Impresario Chet Helms who was known at the “Father of the Summer of Love” and was the manager […]

C’mon Chet…

My friend Chet Helms is in the hospital right now, fighting to stay alive. Chet’s a great guy, and I would like all my friends to join me right now in praying that he pulls through this one.

Chet Helms is a veteran in this crazy rock and roll universe. He’s managed the Family […]

Naughty bits in the Revere & Raiders version?

Here’s a little email that landed in the Louie Louie mail bag:

Dear Eric:

Are you a Star Wars fan? Because, Obi-wan, you’re my last hope! I’m a big PR & the R fan. Have been literally my whole life. I’d always heard rumours that their version of “Louie” had an obscene ad-lib during the […]

The Roaring Winds of LOUIE LOUIE

Thanks to my anonymous spies out in LOUIE-land, I found yet another LOUIE. Here’s the details, as written at their website:

The Roaring Winds of Louie Louie (Carbon Records) CDR $8 Today’s Whether Report: eye o’ the storm’s movin’ right up ‘tween sleepwalk ‘Space & static comin’ in from the Slowdown. Acoustic guitars, percussion, […]

Angel Corpus Christi LOUIE

With a tip of the hat to my pal Stretch Riedle, I just found out about a new version of THE SONG by the artist known as Angel Corpus Christi. To quote the official merchanding page, it’s 12 songs by for and about Lou Reed.

LOUIE LOUIE is song #1.

Go direct to […]

What about the Poodles?

A few years ago, Napster was considered the number one enemy of the music industry. Today, the big target is bit-torrent file sharing, which works on the principle of a decentralized distribution of material. What most critics of this technology fail to mention is that it wasn’t that long ago, over 20 years ago, when […]

The EP Garage Sale is Happening!

I just posted 13 rare music magazines up on my eBay garage sale. As I mentioned in a previous blog posting, my friend Myke Destiny donated somewhere between 100-200 pounds of music magazines as he moved from California to Pennsylvania. There’s a lot of rare vintage music magazines in this batch- Crawdaddy, Who Put the […]

The Taboo Tunes Songbook

Need some fun songs to sing around the ol’ summer campfire this year? There’s a new “Taboo Tunes” songbook, featuring some easy-pickin’ chord charts and lyrics for wanna-be musicians of all ages. Apparently, Peter Blecha’s critical analysis of controversial songs was a hit in music book business, and the Hal Leonard Corporation asked him to […]