The EP Garage Sale is Happening!

I just posted 13 rare music magazines up on my eBay garage sale. As I mentioned in a previous blog posting, my friend Myke Destiny donated somewhere between 100-200 pounds of music magazines as he moved from California to Pennsylvania. There’s a lot of rare vintage music magazines in this batch- Crawdaddy, Who Put the Bomp, the Mojo Navigator Rock and Roll News, Creem, Trouser Press, Zig Zag, New Music Express, Goldmine, Hit Parader, Flip, Teen Beat, Hot Wacks, BackDoor Man, Intergalactic Fish Wrap, Big Fat, very early Rolling Stone newspapers, and a lot of publications I’ve never even heard of.

Whatever profit I make will be put directly towards completing this LOUIE LOUIE documentary, or paying the bills created during the production of this rather ambitious project. Naturally, I’d encourage all bidders to bid much higher than they normally would, as it goes to a good cause- my skinny little bank account!

Right now, I’m posting a broad section of different titles, just to see what magazines generate the biggest buzz. If there’s something in particular that you’re looking for, I’d encourage you to drop me a line or leave a comment at this blog entry.


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