The Taboo Tunes Songbook

Need some fun songs to sing around the ol’ summer campfire this year? There’s a new “Taboo Tunes” songbook, featuring some easy-pickin’ chord charts and lyrics for wanna-be musicians of all ages. Apparently, Peter Blecha’s critical analysis of controversial songs was a hit in music book business, and the Hal Leonard Corporation asked him to assemble a little songbook of the same name.

To quote the press releases:

32 songs that caused a stir when they were first released, all arranged for piano, voice and guitar.

Brown Eyed Girl
Don’t Fear The Reaper
Eight Miles High
Eve Of Destruction
Evil Ways
Good Vibrations
Greenback Dollar
I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag
Jet Airliner
Lady Marmalade
Legalize It
Light My Fire
Louie, Louie
Love To Love You, Baby
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Mellow Yellow
One Toke Over The Line
Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends
Puff The Magic Dragon
Runnin’ With The Devil
Strange Fruit
The Pusher
The Twist
The Unknown Soldier
Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright)
What’d I Say
White Rabbit
Working Class Hero

Truth be told, LOUIE LOUIE was not a controversial song when it was first released by Richard Berry in 1957. It was only after those rascals, The Kingmen, got ahold of it that it became such a sociological hot potato!

Will Peter Blecha extend this “branding campaign” to include other products under this moniker? Will the world see a “Taboo Tunes” CD compilation? Maybe a “Taboo Tunes” iPod? How about a “Taboo Tunes” mouthwash? Time will tell…..

In the meantime, if anyone feels inclined to buy the Taboo Tunes songbook or the Taboo Tunes history book at Amazon, I’d like to remind you that has an Amazon affilate link. When you buy ANYTHING with the referral, I get a small commission.

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