The Roaring Winds of LOUIE LOUIE

Thanks to my anonymous spies out in LOUIE-land, I found yet another LOUIE. Here’s the details, as written at their website:

The Roaring Winds of Louie Louie (Carbon Records) CDR $8
Today’s Whether Report: eye o’ the storm’s movin’ right up ‘tween sleepwalk ‘Space & static comin’ in from the Slowdown. Acoustic guitars, percussion, ambient mics, turntable, CD player, blank tape, mixing board, graphic EQ, guitar amp, radio, video, & mac. Edition of 100 in recycled LP-cover packages handmade by Carbon Recs dude Joe Tunis. Part 2 of the “trilogy”? Performed and assembled by Eddie Flowers, Greg Hajic, and Joe Dean. Released 2001.

Get your copy at:

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