Naughty bits in the Revere & Raiders version?

Here’s a little email that landed in the Louie Louie mail bag:

Dear Eric:

Are you a Star Wars fan? Because, Obi-wan, you’re my last hope! I’m a big PR & the R fan. Have been literally my whole life. I’d always heard rumours that their version of “Louie” had an obscene ad-lib during the guitar solo. I think it’s supposed to be the live version, as opposed to the studio version. Anyway, I’ve heard two ad-libs by Mark Lindsay, that might be something that some people might consider obscene. My curiosity was piqued. Mark’s website (and several others) repeat the claim. So I went to his message board, asked some of the folks there. Everybody claims to know what it is, but nobody will tell! What is the deal? Is there one? Can you tell me what it is or at least give me some sort of clue? If you’re worried about corrupting a young mind, I could tell you that I’m 37 (which I am) but I can’t prove it, obviously. But I am begging you….If you know the answer to this trivia question that is driving me nuts, please tell me. If you don’t know, I don’t know who will.

Optimistically thanking you in advance,

Truth be told, I honestly can’t remember any naughty ad-libs in the Raiders version. I know there’s a naughty ad-lib in the Kingsmen’s version, as lead singer Jack Ely told me about an impromptu expression of a word similar to “fudge” by drummer Lynn Easton, but that’s another version. I’ll have to check back with Mark Lindsay, and see what he thinks.

to be continued…

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