Little Victories of January

There’s very little LOUIE-specific news in today’s posting. This particular posting will be somewhat more self-indulgent than usual, so you’ve been warned…. but there is some stuff about music in the end of this…

One of the things I’ve discovered is that writing from frustration is one of the easiest things one can write […]

Kim Scudiero – Louie of the Week

Longtime LOUIE Report supporter Kim Scudiero aka “Coldshot West” gets the LOUIE of the Week award with a simple, but powerful version of the song, created with a simple webcam on his computer.

Not the same Pharaohs

So, I’m looking at the latest National Geographic magazine…..

… thinking “WOW! I wonder if they’re thinking what I’m thinking…”

… perhaps a nice acknowledgement of the very first recording of the song LOUIE LOUIE?

… by the guys that made musical history 50 years ago?

NOPE… didn’t happen…. absolutely no mention […]

The Toga Kings from Bellingham – LOUIE of the Week!

Last week, I announced a new feature called the “LOUIE of the Week” award. We had the Cafe Blues Band, a fun band from Russia, take the first honors for what should be a regular feature. This week, we’ll acknowledge the Toga Kings, a fun band from Bellingham, Washington.

Here’s what their official webpage […]

The Sonics Reunion- Part 2 in London

I missed the first set of reunion shows with the Sonics at the CaveStomp in New York, but it looks like they’re actually going to do a show in London.

For those of you with the disposable income to travel to London in March, the place to be is at the Forum on March […]

From Russia, the Cafe Blues Band win LOUIE of the Week Award!

Thanks to my pal Mike Hintze, I just discovered one of the coolest new versions of LOUIE LOUIE!

The Cafe Blues Band is a musical group from Russia. Their website has this description:

Группа ‘Кафе-blues’ образовалась в ноябре 1998 года. Идея создания группы возникла спонтанно, после очередного распития крепких горячительных напитков. Стиль творчества и […]

Jim West remembers Richard Berry

Here’s a little story sent to me by Jim West about three years ago, which I don’t think I’ve shared before…

I just wanted to share a personal story of the kindness of Richard Berry to me. I’m Jim West, lead singer of the harmony trio, The Innocents (“Honest I Do”, “Gee Whiz”, and with […]

Rare color photo of Rockin’ Robin Robert

As I continue to do a lot of really tedious work trying to make damaged Hi8 video footage viewable, I thought I’d share a very rare color photo of Rockin’ Robin Roberts.

Rockin’ Robin Roberts is a very important person in the legend of LOUIE LOUIE. His version of the song recorded with the Wailers, […]

Yet another band called the Kingsmen

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending some time trying to clean up some defective, yet “once-in-a-lifetime” type Hi8 footage I’ve shot for this documentary of mine. It’s a lot of work to repair some of this stuff, as it’s all very time-consuming.

Today, I thought I’d share a photo of a band […]

What’s your LOUIE story?

As I’ve pointed out in my previous postings, my LOUIE documentary project is a massive undertaking that can be quite exhaustive. I try to post semi-regular updates on how things are coming along with the project, as well as new developments in the LOUIE universe. Sometimes, I just don’t have the time to write about […]