Not the same Pharaohs

So, I’m looking at the latest National Geographic magazine…..

National Geo

… thinking “WOW! I wonder if they’re thinking what I’m thinking…”

The VERY first recording of LOUIE LOUIE

… perhaps a nice acknowledgement of the very first recording of the song LOUIE LOUIE?

Richard Berry & the Pharaohs 1996 reunion - COPYRIGHT

… by the guys that made musical history 50 years ago?

NOPE… didn’t happen…. absolutely no mention whatsoever of Richard Berry & the Pharaohs!

Oh well, no surprises there….

One thing a little unusual about National Geographic I didn’t expect to see – they’ve produced a 3D music concert film about the band U2. Who would have guessed? Certainly not me…

By the way, if you want to read about the song “Pharaoh Pharaoh,” an inspired swipe of LOUIE LOUIE for religious purposes, check out Mike Hintze‘s webpage on that song.

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  • Garcia James 81

    Without archeologist this black pharaohs will not exist, actually I’m very curious about this black pharaohs, on how they rule during their existence.. Thanks for sharing the post.

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