The Sonics Reunion- Part 2 in London

The Sonics, damnit!

I missed the first set of reunion shows with the Sonics at the CaveStomp in New York, but it looks like they’re actually going to do a show in London.

For those of you with the disposable income to travel to London in March, the place to be is at the Forum on March 21st. You can read about this show by clicking here, here, and here. So far, I haven’t heard about any reunion shows in their home town of Tacoma, Washington

This London show does sound good. I wasn’t able to make it to the New York shows, and I always love visiting London. Unfortunately, right now, my bank account still feels like an anorexic college student that hasn’t quite figured out a proper diet plan yet. I would absolutely love it if some generous soul felt like donating to what would be a very nice little birthday celebration, two weeks after the fact.

Go on… surprise me!

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