Blast from past – 1987

Some of the best intended plans… take longer than expected. I’m working on a project in conjunction with the folks at LouieFest that’s taking longer than I imagined. As I hate to ignore the blog for over seven days, I’ll share a photo from my archives.

Here’s a photo of KFJC DJs Phil Dirt, Jeff […]

Quiet before the storm

It’s late on Thursday night, or Friday morning, and I’m typing away on my Powerbook, responding to emails with the teevee playing in the background. As usual, I’m multi-tasking, doing a gazillion things at once.

I think to myself…. every time LOUIE LOUIE is played… an angel gets their wings….

No, hold it…. that’s “It’s […]

Patti Smith does “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Some folks have mentioned to me that they thought “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana was an updated sequel to LOUIE LOUIE. In fact, I’ve been told that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland has a video kiosk where one of the two guys left from the band actually acknowledges this connection. […]

The Future LOUIE Database

Right now as you’re reading this, I’ve got someone working on the creation of an online LOUIE LOUIE database. If this works out the way I have it intended, folks will be able to register at the new website to share information about all known versions of the song LOUIE LOUIE, and be able to […]

Another McCartney review?

Does the world really need another review of the latest Paul McCartney album?

This has absolutely nothing to do with LOUIE LOUIE or the upcoming documentary, but I just felt like writing it. Read it if you are so inclined…


More paper , more shiny discs..

There’s a few new things a LOUIE collector will want to pick up as they can…

The first item is the latest UGLY THINGS magazine. Don Gallucci, the original keyboardist for the Kingsmen is interviewed in this magazine. In addition to playing piano for this iconic recording, Don was also the leader of Don […]

If you liked the BBC radio show…

I’ve had a handful of emails regarding the BBC radio documentary on the song LOUIE LOUIE. They did a pretty good job of summarizing the LOUIE LOUIE story.

If you enjoyed listening to this show, I’d like to encourage you to support my upcoming film-video documentary, which takes this story to a whole new […]

BBC Radio show on LOUIE LOUIE

BBC Radio 2 will be broadcasting a program about LOUIE LOUIE and the F.B.I. Steve Van Zandt of Little Steven’s Underground Garage and The Sopranos will be narrating this thing. This one hour program will be first aired on Tuesday, June 12 (2007) at 22:30 pm (UK Time), and can be heard with a Real […]

Hawaiian Kingsmen

Things have been super-busy at the headquarters. I’ve barely been able to do much editing on the documentary this past month, much less add anything new to the LOUIE REPORT blog. I know a lot of people have written to me with good words about my comic strip blog posts, which are really fun to […]

Winner of the “That’s Cool- That’s Trash” fashion category

San Francisco rock legend Russell Quan (the Mummies, Phantom Surfers, BobbyTeens, and way too many other bands) demonstrates a great sense of rockin’ fashion at a recent Roy Loney (ex- Flamin’ Groovies) show where his new band, the Flakes, was part of the line-up!

Buttons for Flip, Etiquette, and Jerden Records? Talk about three […]