Quiet before the storm

It’s late on Thursday night, or Friday morning, and I’m typing away on my Powerbook, responding to emails with the teevee playing in the background. As usual, I’m multi-tasking, doing a gazillion things at once.

I think to myself…. every time LOUIE LOUIE is played… an angel gets their wings….

No, hold it…. that’s “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Wrong movie.

Every time LOUIE LOUIE is played… Richard Berry smiles from the great beyond, and the accountants at EMI Music make another “ca-ching” sound with the cash register. It’s all good…

It’s Conan O’Brien’s late night show, sometime around 1:20 before the commercial break right before the musical guest. Max Weinberg and the band break into a familiar melody, and I think angels….

But it’s just another example of the semi-random synchroncity in the LOUIE LOUIE universe. Counting all the versions of LOUIE LOUIE feels like counting raindrops. It’s absolutely impossible to count them all….

Within the next few days, I’ll be making a special announcement about a project I’ll be launching in conjunction with my friends over at LouieFest of Tacoma. It’s going to be very exciting…

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