Blast from past – 1987

Some of the best intended plans… take longer than expected. I’m working on a project in conjunction with the folks at LouieFest that’s taking longer than I imagined. As I hate to ignore the blog for over seven days, I’ll share a photo from my archives.

Here’s a photo of KFJC DJs Phil Dirt, Jeff “Stretch” Riedle and songwriter Richard Berry in 1987, four years after the infamous “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” marathon. Richard just received partial ownership of his song publishing, and is in really good spirits. Stretch bleached his hair, because he figured he wanted be a blond surfer for a change. I have no idea who or what Phil is looking at.

I took this photo at Sweetwater Saloon in Mill Valley after a fun party for Village Music, which is the subject of another blog entry I haven’t written yet…

Phil Dirt, Stretch Riedle & Richard Berry - photo by Eric Predoehl

2 comments to Blast from past – 1987

  • Stretch Riedle

    God, 20 years ago I was a good-looking quasi-stud…what happened???!!!!!

  • EP

    Stretch – I think all those dancing hamster banks are what accelerated your aging process. Either that, or all the cheap beer….

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