The Future LOUIE Database

Right now as you’re reading this, I’ve got someone working on the creation of an online LOUIE LOUIE database. If this works out the way I have it intended, folks will be able to register at the new website to share information about all known versions of the song LOUIE LOUIE, and be able to upload both audio and video clips. It’ll be a completely interactive website where registered members will be able to review the various versions, and add comments to the description. There will be some Wiki-type aspects to this project that will allow a wide variety of different members to participate.

Of course, as this project comes to fruition, it will provide indisputable evidence that LOUIE LOUIE is indeed the most recorded song in the history of mankind. We currently have the evidence to prove this hypothesis, but the new database project will settle the matter once and for all.

More details as the project develops…

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  • A little known LOUIE was the one by the BEATLES.It was recorded during the Get Back Sessions and has been bootlegged.
    In case anyone wonders what its like its purely instrumental

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