Another Jack Ely YouTube clip

Do you remember how I once mentioned that Jack Ely, original vocalist for the Kingsmen‘s LOUIE LOUIE was scheduled to perform a show in North Carolina last November for the Carolina Beach Music Awards?

That performance is now on YouTube: I’m glad to see Jack do more performances. I hope next time he’ll be able […]

RIP: KPIG co-founder Laura Ellen Hopper, and way-too-many American soldiers

Monday was Memorial Day in the United States of America. A national holiday to remember the brave men and women that sacrificed their lives for the good of their country. A time to honor the fallen soldiers that made the ultimate contribution to protect others.

Reading the papers on Monday, I found a very interesting […]

ULTRA-RARE KingsMen film clip!

Here’s a very obscure film clip of the KingsMen performing “The Hut Sut Song” many years before “LOUIE LOUIE” became a big hit song.

I love the opening of this clip – a newspaper with the headline “Song Becomes National Disease!”

Just like all of the other film clips of the Kingsmen, this […]

Names for Country Singers

Earlier this month, I recycled a fun little game from PSPOT on how to get your “blues singer name.”

Now in the same spirit, my friend Jose Segue of the alt-country website, has created a similiar game for folks that want to be country singers:


Never rounded up […]

The Big Dirk Fest

I’m not sure if this is really LOUIE-related topic, but next month, there’s going to be a major 2-day celebration to honor the late Dirk Dirksen, the “pope of San Francisco punk rock.” Here’s a couple of flyers for these shows:

To recycle a press release…

“DIRK FEST”, a tribute to the “Pope […]

I Just Want to Rock and Roll!

My friend Andy Martello is a very talented man that appreciates good music. He makes his living telling jokes, spinning plates, throwing objects up in the air, and he happens to maintain a LOUIE LOUIE page that I keep coming back to. This month, he and his lovely wife April are making a very big […]

Who is Dennis Mitchell, and what does he have to do with LOUIE LOUIE?

You may have heard of Dennis Mitchell.

As it turns out, there’s actually more than one.

The most popular Dennis Mitchell is not a real person, but a comic strip character. He’s the star of the syndicated comic strip “Dennis the Menace,” invented by Hank Ketcham in 1951. Now written and drawn by […]

Grateful Dead and LOUIE LOUIE

Here’s something kinda fun.

Thanks to one of my wonderful spies out in cyberspace, I discovered a page on the official Grateful Dead website that acknowledges the very first performance of “LOUIE LOUIE” with vocals by Brent Mydland. According to the official history it was on April 5, 1988 in Hartford, CT as part of […]

Still blown away by YouTube.

In the course of my LOUIE LOUIE research, I’ve made a lot of really great friends over the years. One of my friends in particular is a die-hard music collector. His house is a virtual treasure chest of of obscure vinyl, concert posters, music history books, odd memorabilia, and an assortment of rare recordings that […]

BIG Berlin LOUIE LOUIE Party- Wednesday, May 9

This Wednesday, May 9th, there’s going to be a big LOUIE LOUIE party in Berlin, Germany.

One Song. One Night. 1001 Versions! A massive celebration of the 50th anniversary of the song! A big LOUIE LOUIE contest! LOUIE LOUIE films! LOUIE LOUIE gambling with LOUIE LOUIE Bingo! Lots of prizes!

WOW! I […]