Names for Country Singers

Earlier this month, I recycled a fun little game from PSPOT on how to get your “blues singer name.”

Now in the same spirit, my friend Jose Segue of the alt-country website, has created a similiar game for folks that want to be country singers:


Never rounded up the cows, driven an 18-wheeler, busted a bronco, or spent time (or worked) at Gilded Lil’s House of Delight? Well, not to worry urban buckaroos. Thanks to an inspiration sent by Eric “Louis, Louis” Predoehl, a.k.a., Toothless Livered Parker, you can up your twang credibility by picking a new name from the following lists. Cheating is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

First Initial
A=Armadillo; B=Bubba/Babydoll; C=Calamity/Chicken; D=Dusty; E=Toothless; F=Fightin’; G=Griftin’; H=Hognose/Horseface; I=Iron; J=Jail(bird/bait); K=Kid; L=Little/Big; M=Mule(face); N=Nasty; O=Outlaw/Outhouse; P=Poorboy/Purdyface; Q=Bald/Hairy; R=Reckless; S=Slim/Fat; T=Texas; U=Ugly/Charmin’; V=Varmint/Vixen; W=Weasel; X=Boss; Y=Yellow; Z=Steel

Middle Initial
A=Ass(ed); B=Balls/Boobs; C=Cracker; D=Dog; E=Eyes; F=Face; G=Guts; H=Head; I=Indian/Squaw; J=Jimmy/Jane; K=Boy/Gal; L=Liver(ed); M=Mouth; N=Nose(d); O=Bob/Mae; P=Pecker/Muff; Q=Daddy/Momma; R=Rascal; S=Skunk; T=Thighs; U=Mug; V=Vamp/Bull; W=Wheel(s); X=Butt; Y=Tooth(ed); Z=Neck(ed)

Last Initial
A=Allison; B=Brown; C=Culpepper; D=Dupree; E=Ellis; F=Fletcher; G=Granger; H=Hopkins; I=Malone; J=Jones; K=Kenton; L=Lee; M=McGee; N=Nathan; O=O’Brien; P=Parker; Q=King; R=Reilly; S=Smith; T=Thompson; U=Black; V=Johnson; W=Watkins; X=”X”; Y=Stevens; Z=Bullworth

If I throw in my “R” middle initial, I can be “Toothless Rascal Livered Parker.”

Jose’s MySpace page is

PSPOT’s MySpace page is

I blame them both for all this silly stuff…

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