I Just Want to Rock and Roll!

My friend Andy Martello is a very talented man that appreciates good music. He makes his living telling jokes, spinning plates, throwing objects up in the air, and he happens to maintain a LOUIE LOUIE page that I keep coming back to. This month, he and his lovely wife April are making a very big move from Chicago to Las Vegas, thanks to a little hurricane that wiped out his apartment. I hope that he does well out there, and I’d like to encourage folks to check out his AndyMartello.com website for more information about what he’s up to.

As it turns, he’s not the only one in the Martello family that has a natural gift for entertaining. I’ll let Andy introduce the band that features his brother Matt Martello:

PROGRESS REPORT is a band of facutly members from Dexter High School in Michigan. My brother is the lead singer. Four teachers and one student as their drummer makes this line-up of would-be musicians create a new form of garage rock called, classroom rock. Basically, they didn’t have a garage, otherwise it would just be garage rock.

Anyway, if you’d like to hear an original song, recorded in a classroom, about wanting to stop being a teacher and start being a rocker then check out “I Just Want to Rock and Roll” by PROGRESS REPORT on YouTube. They never did record an actual studio version of the song so you’ll hear lots of guitar and have a bit of trouble discerning the lyrics. So I know this group will love it. lol

I’m hoping to get them to make a “LOUIE LOUIE” soon. They already do a great “Pictures of Matchstickmen.”

I’m guessing this is NOT the Michigan high school where Paula Dawning was Superintendent for that crazy marching band story a few years ago….

1 comment to I Just Want to Rock and Roll!

  • Very cool!

    I’m sure that my brother will appreciate the publicity.

    So far as I know, this isn’t the same school. Either way, it is a fun, catchy song and a most excellent video.

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