The Suburban Kids – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE of the Week has a lot of different things going for it. FIrst, it’s a rare, semi-unreleased version of the song, which as far as I know was only heard ONCE during the KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon of 1983.

Second, this version is by The Suburban Kids, the first band […]

Laundry Works All-Stars (1980’s) – LOUIE of the week

Here’s a YouTube video clip that I’m really surprised I didn’t see until recently.

Back in the mid-late 80’s, there was a pretty vibrant music scene in San Jose, California. There were a lot of great bands in the area that were performing original music, and getting some decent-sized crowds – The Kingpins, Frontier Wives, […]

Little Victories of January

There’s very little LOUIE-specific news in today’s posting. This particular posting will be somewhat more self-indulgent than usual, so you’ve been warned…. but there is some stuff about music in the end of this…

One of the things I’ve discovered is that writing from frustration is one of the easiest things one can write […]

More rockin’ videos from the E.P. archive

After my recent posting of a Frontier Wives video I shot ages ago, I was bombarded with requests for more video of this extinct San Jose band. So, by special request, here’s another song by the Frontier Wives. Here’s a cover version of of the song “The Night Chicago Died,” originally performed by the band […]

A Rockin’ LOUIE music video from San Jo’

San Jose, California isn’t really known for being much of a music town. Maybe you’ve heard of Count Five, Syndicate of Sound and the Chocolate Watchband, who all started here in the 1960’s. During the 70’s, the Doobie Brothers made it big, and in recent years, Smashmouth had some pretty good success. As I mentioned […]

LLAMAS. LOUIE-tics and MySpace

The LLAMAS now have a home page. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce an all-new webpage:

Bookmark this page. This is where you can find out about International LOUIE LOUIE Day, and the activities of LLAMAS – The LOUIE LOUIE Advocacy and Music Appreciation Society.

Speaking of LLAMAS, my friend Amacker […]

Theresa McClure & Big Hair – LOUIE relative of the Week

Time for a little flashback.. or as they say in ye onine social networks, a “Throwback Thursday”…..

I’ve been shooting videos for quite a few years. One of the things I’m rather proud of is the fact I was able to capture what i’ve been told is the only footage of the band known as […]

RIP: Paul Williams, writer, Crawdaddy publisher

Rock journalist Paul Williams passed away on the evening of March 27th, and it’s taken me a week to come up with the proper words to pay tribute to the man.

I’m very glad to see a wealth of decent obituaries on Paul from major publications, each acknowledging his historic role in creating […]