More rockin’ videos from the E.P. archive

After my recent posting of a Frontier Wives video I shot ages ago, I was bombarded with requests for more video of this extinct San Jose band. So, by special request, here’s another song by the Frontier Wives. Here’s a cover version of of the song “The Night Chicago Died,” originally performed by the band Paper Lace.

I also had a request for Dot 3, which was the band that was on the same bill that night- May 16, 1991. Rather than post a live performance, I decided to share a music video I produced for Dot 3 entitled “Dinosaurs”. This was a low-budget music I assembled with concert footage I shot of the band, and clips from Willis O’Brien‘s Lost World 1925 silent movie in the public domain. I was honored when this music video became a second place winner in the 1989 Bay Cable Music Video Competition. I have no idea whatever happened to the the Bay Cable Music Video Competition, but there was a nice ceremony, and I received a nice plaque for my work.

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