Swiss LOUIE TV commercial

A few months ago, Patt from Switzerland wrote to I was just watching TV and all of a sudden what do I hear? the coolest three chords ever recorded used in a commercial for a local swiss food distributor… Check... Read more →

Fabulous Sixties- Runaway Express

Jim Ratts wrote me a very nice little email, and then sent an even better CD. Here’s what he first sent me: You must understand that likely, I am a kindred spirit. I respond and create from wells of passion. You’ve got a “Louie,... Read more →

Wailers, Tales of Tacoma & World Records

Kent Morrill and Buck Ormsby of the original Wailers are now doing a radio show up in their hometown of Tacoma, Washington. It’s a program called “Wailers Houseparty” show on KLAY-AM (1180) from 11 a.m. to noon Saturday. Their... Read more →

Imagine a LOUIE LOUIE feature film!

Andrew Gerngross is a writer living in Los Angeles. He has written a highly fictionalized and comic screenplay about the FBI investigation into “Louie Louie.” Because Andrew believes in sharing, you can download a PDF copy of the... Read more →

LOUIE LOUIE Family Bonds

My pal Theo at the LOUIE LOUIE pages discovered a great true story about how LOUIE LOUIE got in between a dad and his daughter and eventually brought them back together again! At Theo’s site, you can read this story, discover some revised... Read more →

Follow-up on the Michigan marching band story

Earlier this month, there was quite a bit of buzz regarding the story of the marching band in Michigan that was not allowed to play LOUIE LOUIE. On May 5th, a day normally associated with Mexico’s Cinco deMayo festivities, the Read more →

Zappa Plays Zappa

Monday May 23rd, 2005 – Announced today the First Duly Authorized & Certified Frank Zappa Respective! And Perspective! Zappa Brothers Dweezil & Ahmet have called together many mighty musicians to join them in playing the Music... Read more →

TOK’s dance-mix LOUIE

from This Month in Dancehall at comes this little tidbit: Talking of the island’s top boyband, VP Records are finally gearing up for the release of Unknown Language (VP, CD, U.S.), TOK’s much-anticipated second... Read more →

The Stiv Bators LOUIE LOUIE

Creem magazine just did a little review of a Stiv Bators record recently re-issued by the good folks over at Bomp Records, labeling Stiv’s version of LOUIE LOUIE as “retarded,” but “so perfect you won’t mind.” BOMP... Read more →

Back from the Road

My roadtrip has ended. It was a short trek to the east coast- less than a week on a road. In the course of my little adventure, my Powerbook lost the ability to boot up, the battery door on my Nikon 990 still camera can no longer lock in... Read more →
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