Back from the Road

My roadtrip has ended. It was a short trek to the east coast- less than a week on a road. In the course of my little adventure, my Powerbook lost the ability to boot up, the battery door on my Nikon 990 still camera can no longer lock in place without the help of duct tape, and one of the lenses popped out of my eyeglasses. All of these little snafus could have happened anywhere, but they just happened when I was thousands of miles from my homebase. Lucky me….

All in all, it was a great little excursion. I got out of town, explored parts of Washington DC & Baltimore, obtained some interesting public domain video footage, and enjoyed some delicious cuisine. McGurk’s of Baltimore, for one, made one of the best Philly cheese sandwiches I’ve ever experienced.

Time to sort through this little mountain of LOUIE emails….

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