Wailers, Tales of Tacoma & World Records

Fabulous Wailers Kent Morrill and Buck Ormsby of the original Wailers are now doing a radio show up in their hometown of Tacoma, Washington. It’s a program called “Wailers Houseparty” show on KLAY-AM (1180) from 11 a.m. to noon Saturday. Their first show in April featured an interview with Sonics singer Jerry Rosalie, and there’s already been about 6 shows since then.

The Wailers also put out a new CD single from their last LOUIE LOUIE fest up in Tacoma. For more information about this new single and the radio show, be sure to check out the official Fabulous Wailers website:

For more information about radio station KLAY-AM, check out the KLAY website:

The Tacoma News Tribune wrote up a story on radio show, which you can find at:

A few weeks ago, there was an article in the same paper about the “curse of Tacoma,” which discusses the Wailers’ attempt to get into the Guinness book of World Records with the LOUIE LOUIE Fest, among other things. Apparently, it’s not that easy to get listed with Guiness, which I can personally attest to. Back in 1983, KFJC Radio set a world’s record for playing over 800 versions of LOUIE LOUIE in 63 hours. Despite all efforts to petition Guinness, the requests were completely ignored. Guinness is also still claiming that “Yesterday” is the world’s most recorded song of all, which had 1,600 versions. The last time I checked, there were certainly more versions of LOUIE LOUIE, but I’ll wait until I’ve got all my documentation in order before I pester those folks to change their listings.

Anyways, the article about the Tacoma’s world record problems can be found at:

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  • Yesterday will ALWAYS be the most recorded-some Beatles sites claim over 2000.Because there are more artists likely to cover this song than Louie

  • EP

    I do disagree with The Family Cat, but I’m very glad to see some feedback in the comments that’s not an advertisement for some silly spam nonsense. I do love the Beatles, but there ARE more versions of LOUIE LOUIE than YESTERDAY….

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