Fabulous Sixties- Runaway Express

Jim Ratts wrote me a very nice little email, and then sent an even better CD. Here’s what he first sent me:

You must understand that likely, I am a kindred spirit. I respond and create from wells of passion. You’ve got a “Louie, Louie” site. How could you possibly not be the same? I’ve put something together that I think you need in your life. I’ve created, over the course of the last 12 years, an audio assemblage that I call “Those Fabulous Sixties”. 2,000 hours of tape and digital editing in my studio has resulted in what Ben Fong-Torres refers to a “mind- blowing ode to the ’60s”. Bits and bites from over 900 songs assembled on two 80 minute discs in a fast-edit, multi-layered collage. Of course I don’t try to sell this thing, but love to share it with those who would understand. You would understand. Let me send it to you. Read about it at:

This IS an amazing project that Jim Ratts created. I was blown away when I got this in the mail. This is a project that could NEVER be sold, as the clearances would be an absolute nightmare. From the audio snippets of major recording artists to the graphic artwork that borrows from the Beatles to the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, this whole thing borrows liberally from many different sources.

For those that appreciate the audio antics of Negativland, Big City Orchestra, John Oswald’s Plunderphonics, Fleetwood Mash, dj BC, and all that other crazy mash-up mix projects, this is sort of in the same category, but different…

Fun stuff…. definitely….. NOT FOR SALE!

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  • Jim Ratts made a good job, a very good job, indeed ! He’s the best making Buddy Holly cover songs and tribute songs, as well.
    Go to my website and enjoy it for hours, hope, you have enough of the midnight oil !
    From Germany

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