Happy Louie Louie Day 2022

Today is International Louie Louie Day and we’re sharing some special treats to celebrate the day!

The plan was to start off with the first three hours of the original KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon, which was the pivotal event that led to the LOUIE documentary project.

 This is the first time we’ve ever shared anything longer than 30 minutes from the original air check tape recordings. These recordings include commentary by disc jockeys Jeff “Stretch” Riedle and Phil Dirt, who are joined by special guest Richard Berry, the author of this legendary song.

KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE photo montage © Eric Predoehl

For many of us, this was truly a life-changing experience.

The first 3 hours were originally broken up into 3 sections, available individually or as a continuous YouTube playlist. Unfortunately, the first hour was blocked worldwide for copyright reasons, and I’m currently trying out some different methods to reconfigure these particular archival recordings, which I’ll be updating throughout the day.

The continuous YouTube playlist, your best option for listening, will also include other recordings from that very LOUIE LOUIE weekend at KFJC Radio, which includes an abbreviated video edit of the once-in-a-lifetime performance of Richard Berry performing with original Kingsmen singer Jack Ely for the first and only time, backed by the Lady Bo Trio.

This playlist won’t be the full 63 hour / 800+ version experience, but it will provide a nice condensed sampling of that unique marathon.

Each of the individual KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE archival clips have a playlist in the description with clickable time marks for every LOUIE performance.

KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE – Hour 02

KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE – Hour 03

KFJC Maximum Louie Louie 1983 marathon playlist

Today, we’re also sharing three very special LOUIE clips to celebrate.

At the top of this list is an exclusive performance of “Louie Louie Blues” by Laurel Ganesha Wolfe, who is a dear friend of the man we hold responsible for these marathons – our pal Jeff “Stretch’ Riedle, who graciously shared this priceless performance, created to honor his dedication to this very special obsession / collection.

Following that clip, we are also sharing a unique performance featuring the late, great Carol Doda, the exotic dancer from San Francisco who was credited with triggering a nationwide topless revolution in the USA during the swinging 1960’s. In this particular TV news clip, dated October 30, 1993, Carol is a special guest judge for a fundraising “stripping contest” for the homeless community in San Francisco, which features a special performance of LOUIE LOUIE.

Last but not least, we’re recycling the 4+ hour video from the recent Louie Louie Marathon of Wynantskill, NY that took place on March 27th a few weeks ago.

As the day continues, we’ll update this page to share details on other festivities taking place on this very special day!

For more details on INTERNATIONAL LOUIE LOUIE DAY, please visit the LouieLouie.net 2007 comic strip explanation pages

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