The Maximum LOUIE LOUIE list

KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE photo montage © Eric Predoehl

In a few hours, I’ll attending a birthday party for Ms. Gloria Jones and then participating in a very special presentation at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA.

Some of you have asked… “Is there a list of all the 800+ versions that were played at the infamous KFJC MAXIMUM LOUIE LOUIE marathon?”

I shared that list on ages ago, but the link is kinda buried, so here’s a direct link of all that documentation. That being said, there’s about a hour’s worth of the radio that wasn’t properly preserved as air checks, so this is the latest documentation of the 62 of 63 hours of this unforgettable event.

I’m still hoping SOMEONE has that lost hour in their archives… if you have access to such a thing, please speak up!

UPDATE – August 30th:

The list needed to be updated to reflect the updated numbering system of LOUIEs, but it looks like this list was created with the older version of Apple iTunes, which made it easier to create customized printouts.

I’m sharing an updated list with the sub-par choices provided by the latest iTunes software. Within the next few weeks, I hope to share a better version of this list.

3 comments to The Maximum LOUIE LOUIE list

  • Chuck Cooper

    Thanks for “The List”! I found “The Fabulous Wailers”, but could not find “Rockin’ Robin Roberts” version, recorded on the (Etiquette label).
    To my knowledge, Robin recorded the very first cover of Richard Berry’s original version (on the FLIP label).
    Could you confirm if he is listed?
    Regards, ……

  • EP

    It’s one and the same = “Rockin Robin Roberts” is the same as the “Fabulous Wailers.” There is actually a “Rockin Robin,” which is the same as “Rockin Robin Roberts.”

    Unfortunately there were a few repeats such as this, as things weren’t quite as well organized as planned, but I can guarantee that there were 800+ unique versions of the song played at this event.

  • EP

    As I look at this list, I release it definitely needs to be updated. Some numbers need to added or revised, and there were some mispellings of names, based on the faulty logs with the original air checks.

    This list was generated with an older version of Apple iTunes, and I’m not sure how to get a similar list with the current version of iTunes…. but I do have the older iTunes with an older computer where this list was generated.

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