Marching Lumberjacks – LOUIE of the Week

Here’s another fun LOUIE from YouTube. The Marching Lumberjacks perform a bacon-tastic (their description, not mine) LOUIE LOUIE at Davis Picnic Day Battle (Exhibition) of the Bands on April 19, 2008.

Yoko Ono vs Ben Stein

Clearances for documentaries can be a total nightmare. I know these things, as I’ve been working on my LOUIE documentary for many years. Clearances and financing remains a major obstacle.

I’ve always tried to do the right thing. I’ve respected the rights of musicians, fellow filmmakers, and those that own or manage certain properties whose […]

A Farkin’ Mistruth

Sometimes, folks get information soooo wrong I don’t even want to correct them. It’s actually more amusing this way.

Take this example of a frame grab I took from FARK at

I hope you’re not trying to click on an of this … it doesn’t work! It’s a FRAME GRAB, not […]

Hail Hail Candye Kane!

As the international music community mourns the loss of singer-songwriter Chris Gaffney, who just passed away from liver cancer, I figured I should mention one of his very good friends, who also happens to be dealing with that evil cancer thing.

Candy Kayne may not have performed LOUIE LOUIE, but she’s a talented musician […]

Happy B-Day for Stretch & Iggy Pop- LOUIE of the week

Today, it’s a birthday celebration for Iggy Pop, punk rock icon, and Jeff “Stretch” Riedle, owner of the world’s largest collection of LOUIE LOUIE recordings.

Truth be told, I do blame Stretch for getting me into this LOUIE LOUIE mess. If it weren’t for that Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon at KFJC many years ago, I […]

RIP: Chris Gaffney, Danny Federici, and others…

This is very sad. Less than two weeks ago, I posted information about a fund raising effort for Chris Gaffney, a musician that played with the Hacienda Brothers and Dave Alvin & the Guilty Men. Chris had liver cancer, no health insurance, and needed to raise $60,000 to cover extensive chemotherapy. A websitewas established […]

The Perfect Length for a Pop Song – 2:42

Today, I’m looking at one of my favorites blogs, BoingBoing, which mentions an article by Joshua Allen of The Morning News that discusses the perfect length for a pop song. According to this man, all pop songs must be 2:42. Even one second, in either direction will ruin it.

What else is at 2:42? “Don’t […]

The Hijackers – LOUIE of the week

This week, The Hijackers are the honored musicians for the LOUIE of the Week award!

As the YouTube comments are in French, a language I do not know, there’s little else I can tell you about this band, other than the fact they do a decent version of the song.


Remembering Laika the Space Dog

In less than 6 hours, I’ll be at the world’s largest Yuri’s Night celebration, premiering a new film I just created with my pal Alison. It’s a refreshing to work on a short project that doesn’t rely on complicated clearances, or music rights.

Tonight it’s a celebration of the spirit of Yuri Gargarin, […]

New film from the creator of this website

It’s not always “all LOUIE” from the folks at LOUIE LOUIE central. Nope, sometimes there’s other projects that have absolutely nothing to do with Richard Berry‘s immortal rock song, unless of course you use the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” principle, which means, of course, that everything in the universe could be actually tied somehow […]