Remembering Laika the Space Dog

Laika the Space Dog

In less than 6 hours, I’ll be at the world’s largest Yuri’s Night celebration, premiering a new film I just created with my pal Alison. It’s a refreshing to work on a short project that doesn’t rely on complicated clearances, or music rights.

Tonight it’s a celebration of the spirit of Yuri Gargarin, the first man to orbit the planet Earth, and live to tell about it. As we both happen to share a common birthday, and Baltic heritage, I do feel somewhat connected to the man.

Yesterday, Russia erected a statue to honor the another very important astronaut. Laika the Dog was the first mammal to orbit the planet. Unfortunately, Laika did survive the adventure, and died upon re-entry.

Laika was a stray dog wandering the streets of Moscow when she was adopted by Soviet space program to be the first mammal in space. American press nicknamed her “Muttnik” as a pun on Sputnik.

Thank you, Laika for your contribution to science. You will not be forgotten. Tonight, as the world remembers Yuri, I will be thinking of you.

A free CD goes out to the first person to do a version of LOUIE LOUIE with the phrase “Laika Laika.” Bonus points if it’s recorded in Russian

Laika monument

Telestar Logistics blog article on Laika

Wikipedia entry on Laika

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