Hail Hail, Cindy Lee Berryhill & Paul Williams!

(This is a blog I originally wrote for my MySpace page, carried over to my Louie Report pages, as opposed to the other way around)

I fell in love with Cindy Lee Berryhill back in 1992.

I was walking around the American Book Association convention in Anaheim that year, casually bumping into all […]

New Riders of Purple Sage – a 1973 version of LOUIE LOUIE

With the tip of the hat to my pal David Gross, I found out about a newly discovered version of LOUIE LOUIE from New Riders of the Purple Sage. It’s a track called “Who Likes LOUIE LOUIE” on their newly released Live Archive CD release from March 17, 1973 at Stonybrook, New York.

What’s great […]

Jim Morrison before the Doors, and other dead people I’ve been ignoring…

One of the biggest tasks I must face in producing this documentary is the challenge of media management. Not only do I juggle with the task of coordinating videotapes, CD and cassette audio recordings, photographs, radio charts, flyers, handbills, magazines, and even old school yearbooks, I’m also trying very hard to keep up with […]

Beware of disappearing YouTube clips

From the very first time I discovered YouTube, I wondered how long it would take before the major copyright owners would make some serious noise to stop the unauthorized distribution of their video programming. From what I could see, at least 50% of the material didn’t come directly from actual filmmakers, but collectors that just […]

The Mystery of Gidget & Ghandi

My friend Mike Hintze decided to do a little investigating to figure the idenity of a mysterious LOUIE LOUIE. Here’s his report to the LOUIE LOUIE Party:

Longtime readers of Eric’s “Louie Report” may remember a mention of this “mystery version” of Louie Louie. As reported in the October 5, 1998 edition of the Louie […]

A review of the Sonics reunion in N.Y. !!

My friend Alex of Mall Security was one of the lucky ones that got a chance to witness the big Sonics reunion at the Cavestomp in New York City. I asked him if he wanted to do a review of the show, and he jumped at the chance. Without any more hesitation, here’s a guest […]

A nifty little MP3 player

I just created a little MP3 player for my MySpace page to play back the current batch of Unknown LOUIE LOUIES. To advance to the different tracks, just hit the FF (>>) button. So far, nobody’s been able to send any definitive information about any of these recordings, other than the fact that one version […]


One of the scariest versions of LOUIE LOUIE I ever heard was by a band called “The Last” on Rhino’s BEST OF LOUIE LOUIE LP. It reminded me of The Doors with a little bit of Bela Lugosi thrown in.

Check out this tasty nugget – The Last on a 1982 cable access show:



Here’s one link I forgot about- a list of LOUIE LOUIE lists:


This is a good reminder for me to get off my butt and revise my LOUIE List, which is linked on this list. I haven’t updated it for quite some time. This particular list was originally created with Filemaker Pro, but lately […]

Meet the Bad Dogs

Michel Briat wrote to the LOUIE REPORT:

Heard this good verssion sing by a 13 year’s old French girl, recorded in one shot.

Thank you, Michel, I completely agree. It is an excellent version of the song!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet another one of my new MySpace friends. Coming to you […]