More on the LOUIE Video Contest!

This week we unveiled the official webpage for the First LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest, but we didn’t get around to sending out any notices until Friday.

Web design, especially when it involves a specialized online database, is not always as easy as it looks. It takes some time to iron out the kinks, zap […]

The LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest!

To celebrate the upcoming Louie Fest 2007, the organizers of the LouieFest have teamed up with, in conjunction with MOstuf Productions and Natalis Group to create the very first Plug-In LOUIE Video Contest! This contest shall be an interactive contest open to partipants out in cyberspace, as well as attendees of the festival […]

Update on E.P.’s Hard Drive Disaster

Ten days ago, I wrote about a terrible hard drive crash. Approximately 500 GB of data was potentially lost forever, as this was one particular hard drive I did not get around to backing up. By plugging in the wrong cord, I thought I destroyed my hard drive, and all the information on it.

It […]

NEW Richard Berry video- live with Shockwaves 1988

I haven’t posted any original video footage to the blog lately, so I’ve decided to change that today…

This is Richard Berry performing with the Shockwaves at the 1988 LOUIE LOUIE Parade of San Francisco. This was an event created as a fundraiser for the Leukemia Society of America. A lot of bands played […]

Solidarity with New Orleans Musicians

Passed on by my friends at Rock ‘n’ Rap Confidential, here’s something for our comrades in New Orleans:

HIGH NOON August 26 Sunday we are organizing a Silent second line in protest of the lack of local, state and national support for our local musicians. We will be paying 2 brass bands to march without […]

Computer Tragedy at LOUIE Central

Tragedy has struck at LOUIE Central. Luckily, It’s not a death, or a medical emergency. On July 4th, there was an awful accident in San Franciso when Roisin Isner, a 16 year old drummer for the band Tinkture, lost her hand because some moron threw an M-80 explosive into a crowd of people. Robin’s father […]

Sly Stone Lives! …. and other Sunday musings…

Yesterday, I witnessed some musical history.

Sly Stone has reunited himself, and performed yesterday in San Jose, California. For those that love the music of Sly and the Family Stone, it was the show we’ve been waiting for. The elusive, ever-secretive musical icom emerged from the shadows of his mysterious hideaways to play music […]

Was San Jose actually the site for First Rock ‘n’ Roll Riot?

After I sent out a little bulletin about the historical significance of the 1956 San Jose riot to my friends on MySpace, I got a reply back from my pal Joey Myers:

Eric, I wish S.J. could claim the first R & R riot but it can’t. Cleveland Ohio beat us by 4 years when […]

July 7 = Rock and Roll History in San Jose

July 7th is a big day in rock and roll, both in history past tense and history about to be written. For some of you, July 7th is very important because Al Gore will be using that day to present the big LIVE EARTH event that brings attention to the issue of global warming. I […]