Computer Tragedy at LOUIE Central

Tragedy has struck at LOUIE Central. Luckily, It’s not a death, or a medical emergency. On July 4th, there was an awful accident in San Franciso when Roisin Isner, a 16 year old drummer for the band Tinkture, lost her hand because some moron threw an M-80 explosive into a crowd of people. Robin’s father is offering a substantial reward to find the guy who committed this stupid act. The Bay Area music community is spreading the word, and I must have received about a dozen emails about this accident.

No, I don’t have that kind of physical or medical disability this time, but what I’m dealing with is still pretty awful. What happened was that I have a LaCie RAID external hard drive that just bit the dust. Apparently, if you plug in the wrong power adaptor, you can fry the internal bridge mechanism. I’ve been telling all my friends to back up everything important, and I didn’t even take my owned damned advice. This particular hard drive is the one I’ve been using to store all of my still photographs, and scanned artwork, as well as a few assorted video clips. I’ve got some things backed up on DVD-R, but not everything, unfortunately.

I’m hoping I can recover the internal hard drives by simply swapping out the external assembly. I’ve been looking for a place where I can purchase a LaCie D2 Big Disk Extreme enclosure, model # 300794U, which takes two internal IDE hard drives and a specialized type of striping array. So far, I haven’t been able to find anything like this on eBay, or via any Google searches. LaCie does not offer this external enclosure as a separate item, unfortunately.

I know there’s a lot of companies that offer a lot of data recovery services, but none of these options are cheap. At this point in time, I simply cannot spend the minimum price of $1,000 to recover this information.

This is a brutal reminder that every computer is vulnerable to to losing every piece of data on the hard drive. Don’t assume it will never happen to you. I happen to back-up my data fairly regularly, but one of the few times I didn’t backup one of my main drives, I got screwed…..

This is yet another frustration in a series of many, unfortunately….

FOLLOW-UP: The problem has been resolved. Read the full story by clicking here.

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  • I had the same thing happen, people, please, do not buy lacie drives they are terrible and it does not take much for this to happen, simply shutting down the drive can do it. I have dozens of external drives and none have failed but the lacie.

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