More on the LOUIE Video Contest!

This week we unveiled the official webpage for the First LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest, but we didn’t get around to sending out any notices until Friday.

Web design, especially when it involves a specialized online database, is not always as easy as it looks. It takes some time to iron out the kinks, zap out the bugs, and put the proper amount of polish to make the whole thing shine. It’s still not exactly what we wanted it to be, but it’s online, and it works!

So, if you go to, you can do two different things:

1) Register so you can submit a special LOUIE LOUIE video to this contest;

2) Register so you can vote for your favorite LOUIE LOUIE video clip.

Currently, there’s only two videos online at LOUIETOPIA, and they’re both videos I’ve produced in conjunction with the upcoming documentary. I’m not trying to win any prizes for videos at a contest I’m co-sponsoring, but I’m just trying to show how this darned video contest works.

Please… submit some videos!

Tell your friends….

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