NEW Richard Berry video- live with Shockwaves 1988

I haven’t posted any original video footage to the blog lately, so I’ve decided to change that today…

This is Richard Berry performing with the Shockwaves at the 1988 LOUIE LOUIE Parade of San Francisco. This was an event created as a fundraiser for the Leukemia Society of America. A lot of bands played at this event, and Richard provided the grand finale at Justin Herman Plaza. As I mention on my YouTube description, this is a rather unique rendition of LOUIE LOUIE, as the tempo is very different from the arrangement on the original 1957 recording of Richard Berry & the Pharaohs. It doesn’t sound like any other Richard Berry recordings, and it certainly doesn’t sound like the version made popular by the Kingsmen in 1963.

Those that know the history of Richard Berry know that he had physical disabilities due to some childhood injuries. He took up music partially because of his disabilities. In this video, you can see him DANCING, and that’s a wonderful thing!

The Shockwaves were a popular surf band in the SF Bay Area, led by drummer Jeff “Stretch” Riedle, who was also directly responsible for the legendary KFJC radio “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” marathon of 1983, which played over 800 unique versions of the song, lasting for 63 hours nonstop. Exactly why the Guinness World Records organization continues to deny this existence of this historic event is truly a mystery, but perhaps someday this event will be properly acknowledged…

Collectors of LOUIE LOUIE memorabilia will recognize the Shockwaves as one of the bands on the Rhino Records compilation “The Best of LOUIE LOUIE- Volume 2.” The Shockwaves do a version on that record entitled “Surfing Louie.” If you have any interest in tracking down a copy of this very rare compilation, send an email to Stretch, and he might be able to accommodate your wishes.

M. Dung Idiot Show CD
The master of ceremonies for this particular event in 1988 was a KFOG radio disc jockey known as M. Dung, who used to have a Sunday night program called the Idiot Show, and his own Rhino Records compilation. Mr. Dung retired from the broadcast industry many years ago, but he now has a website called where he shares his new podcasts.

One of my favorite local bands in San Francisco, Red Meat, actually tracked down Mr. M. Dung to be the master of ceremonies at their upcoming record release party this Saturday night – July 21st at the Great American Music Hall. If one of my brothers didn’t have a birthday that particular day, I’d be up there to celebrate. If you make it up there, be sure to say “HI” to Dung for me, will you?

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