Rock ‘n Roll Overload – Iggy & the Stooges, the UnBand Documentary

It’s been quite a week to absorb some amazing rock and roll performances. On Saturday, April 21, I caught the reunited Stooges show at the Warfield in San Francisco. As luck would have it, it was also a big birthday party for Iggy Pop, who turned 60 years old that day. I’ve seen a […]

More on LL Day + MySpace (Amazing Social Network? or Time-Sucking Distraction?)

If you click on this graphic, you will see a homemade video from Tim Hermanson celebrating LOUIE LOUIE Day. This is a featured video at Funny Entertainment – the Comedy Network, which is based at It’s nice to see some media coverage of this very special day, and we thank Tim for paying […]

LLAMAS. LOUIE-tics and MySpace

The LLAMAS now have a home page. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce an all-new webpage:

Bookmark this page. This is where you can find out about International LOUIE LOUIE Day, and the activities of LLAMAS – The LOUIE LOUIE Advocacy and Music Appreciation Society.

Speaking of LLAMAS, my friend Amacker […]

Recovering from LOUIE LOUIE Day – World Records and Louie Fest

Last week, the world celebrated April 11- International LOUIE LOUIE Day! It was quite an undertaking at the virtual headquarters of the LLAMAS organization, with the members scattered all over the globe, but we did it! Right now, we’re seeing a handful of reports of International LOUIE LOUIE Day out in cyberspace, including here, […]

Happy International LOUIE LOUIE Day!

Wednesday, April 11 is INTERNATIONAL LOUIE LOUIE DAY! As Richard Berry’s original version of the song was released in the week of April 13, 1957, this week also marks the 50th Anniversary of LOUIE LOUIE!

To celebrate this festive occasion, I’ve created yet another comic strip blog entry. To recycle the words of the […]

Special LOUIE-Grams for month of April!

This month, there’s going to be a lot of great activity in the LOUIE LOUIE universe. Anticipation is building for Wednesday, April 11- INTERNATIONAL LOUIE LOUIE DAY!

Over at central, we’re brainstorming all sorts of different ways to celebrate LOUIE consciousness, have some fun, and maybe raise a few extra dollars to finish this […]

E.P. is Wired!

I was so excited. I was going to be on the cover of one of my favorite magazines. Nevermind that 4,999 other people were also going to be on the cover for the same issue, and there would only be one copy of the magazine printed with my face on it. That didn’t matter, because […]

Hail Hail, Barry Curtis!

Last year on April 1st, I freaked out a lot of people with my little April Fool’s prank when I converted to As I didn’t want to repeat myself, and didn’t have time to create another prank, there was no April Fool’s prank from this year. Anyone that wants to buy […]