This One’s for Stretch!

I owe a lot to my friend Jeff “Stretch” Riedle. If it weren’t for him, I would have never gotten into this LOUIE LOUIE mess.

Stretch was the guy who started the big MAXIMUM: LOUIE LOUIE marathon at KFJC. Until this event happened, I had no idea who Richard Berry was, what was […]

Summertime LOUIE Events!

Once again, I’m amazed how quickly the summer is slipping by. Already it’s August, and I’ve barely been able to attend to any summertime events. I’ve gone to a couple of outdoor concerts, but for the most part, I’ve been stuck in work mode, trying to finish off some projects. Here’s a couple of interesting […]

In Search of a 1966 Jefferson Airplane Santa Barbara poster

I’m trying to find a poster or handbill for Jefferson Airplane gig at University of California, Santa Barbara dated October 22, 1966. Or maybe a newspaper ad, a newspaper article, a radio spot, a flyer, or even an audio recording?

It was at this event that Jack Ely (former lead singer of the […]